Colour and Black and White comparison

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Pillow Table and Fridge

Another happy instance of things going wrong and turning out a lot more interesting, a 30 second exposure which I thought had finished, hadn’t. I picked up the tripod and put it down I think realising that the shutter was still open. What resulted was what used to be called a double exposure, the second scene superimposed on the first. So whilst using the early morning sunlight to take a still life of the bedside table it is also a picture of the standard fridge which sits in so many motel rooms. 30 seconds at f5.6.

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Another Lighthouse

I like “turning up the vibrance slider” I also tried a bit of  “Lens Correction” in Camera RAW for my Sigma 10-20mm lens, I’m a fan of distortion so I’m pleased with this little effort, the clouds were very considerate to puff up a bit and seperate, I like the way the sky has come up metallic blue, possibly due to a little bit of assistance from a polarising filter. 100ISO of course, and f8 which I understand to be a premium aperture for digital lenses, depth of field almost takes care of itself with a 10mm focal length unless you are very close to the subject. Just after 8 a.m. on a winter’s morning, late August.

Tram gliding past Luna Park corner Cavell St and The Esplanade St.Kilda 3182

I wanted to use a slow shutter speed for the motion blur effect. This was taken on an overcast but pleasant July day earlier this year at 1/5 of a second at f22. An f stop like 22 lets in less light than lower f numbers which in this case allows the shutter speed to be slower meaning more light is reaching the image by that means but it does not freeze the motion of the tram. This is not a bad thing as blur can be used to quite good effect on occasions. The mouth of Luna Park was being reconstructed.

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